Colors of Ambition

Session 9 - Commander Ezzr'k, I presume?

24th Flamerule, 1372

Finally able to delve into the silver mine fully, the party discovers a separate complex of tunnels, deliberately and meticulously dug. Finally making himself known is Guard Commander Ezzr’k, and a party of drow soldiers. The party and the dark elves do battle, and Ezzr’k succumbs to Jace’s summoned scorpions. Jace raises the fallen officer’s body, and sends him off into the wilderness with no explanation to his comrades in arms.

Venturing further into the now unguarded complex, the party finds a curious door, bearing 14 small depressions and the emblem of a spider; the door exhibits some magical properties of an unknown nature, but obviously of great power.

On the way back to town, however, the party finds themselves suddenly in an alien, inhospitable wasteland, with multiple suns and moons looming overhead. A robed, skeletal figure, mounted on a massive and equally skeletal dragon appear, and single out Jace to appear before his god. As abruptly as it appeared, the party finds themselves back on the road to Dolmere… sans Jace.

Returning to town, the party finds reinforcements from the Lions Bureau in Arabel: serendipitously, it is Jace’s twin brother, who has no shortage of questions about his brother’s whereabouts.



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