Fenwick's Lions

Fenwick’s Lions, or simply The Lions, are a mercenary organization lead by Fenwick Greenbeard, a grizzled gnome warrior. The organization maintains bureaus in several major cities in central Faerûn, and sends small squads of Lions to fulfill contracts retained by its many clients.

The Lions avoid overtly political entanglements, and instead operate on a more “private security” or “private detective agency” basis. Protection, guard duty, corporate espionage, and monster extermination are the norm. They will also take small militia contracts, providing law enforcement, military protection, and even training services to cities and small nations.

The Lions are roughly 400 mercenaries strong, and are organized into small squads of 4-10 individuals. Hierarchy is not military in nature, but rather each squad is to exercise a sort of “command by committee.” Rookie squads are often sent out alone on smaller contracts as a way of building field experience.

The Lions emblem is a male lion’s head holding a simple hatchet in its mouth, in gold, on a field of dark green. This emblem is displayed on the distinctive cloaks worn by its members, though the cloaks are made to be reversible should a squad need to complete a contract discreetly. However, the emblem is most often openly displayed, as it is “good advertising.”

Fenwick's Lions

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