Dolmere is a small town located within the kingdom of Cormyr, north-east of the metropolis Arabel, near the banks of the Immerflow River.

Dolmere was once a central hub of agriculture for the region, it’s Farmers’ Market the pride of the city. The finest produce, meats, cheeses, and fine wines could be had for modest prices.
Today, the town sports a population half what it once was, the Farmers’ Market now all but abandoned, a few meager vegetables and rotgut homebrew are all that is available. The fertile lands surrounding the town now produce barely enough crops for subsistence farming.

Still, a small economy remains. A library of rare and obscure, but still unremarkable, tomes and scrolls is located in the town, and a small trickle of scholars and mages flow into Dolmere to study the forsaken works. Its proximity to the river Immerflow means a small fishing and shipping industry remains. The Red Wizards of Thay, known as shrewd businessmen, have established an enclave just on the outskirts of town, dealing in scrolls, wands, and minor magical items.

A common joke among the locals is to refer to the town as “Dull-more.”


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