Jace Calmcacil


“Life and death are the twin faces of eternal existence. To surrender to either one is to resign oneself to obscurity.
True Power lies in the twilight between life and death.”

In his early life, Jace was described as easy going and a mostly happy child. He got along well with his family. He had a dark side that would not be revealed until later after he and his brother would part ways.

Later in life, Jace would become ruthless and focused in pursuit of power. He would always hold to a code of conduct to repay all his debts and help those at a disadvantage through no fault of their own. Though sometime cruel to achieve his goals.


Early Life
Jace Calmcacil was born in the town of (town) to a woodcutter named (father) and his wife, (mother). He has an older sister named (sister) and a younger brother named (brother). Jace started studying magic at a young age. A traveling mage was passing through (town) and notice a boy around the age of six performing magic tricks for coin. After watching the boy, the mage, Palin, who would become Jace’s mentor, was impressed at the slight-of -hand tricks he was using to amaze his audience. After years of study, Palin was very impressed at the rate Jace was advancing in his schoolwork. It wasn’t until several more years later that Palin became alarmed at the direction of study Jace was interested, mind control and subjugation of “lesser beings”.

Jace’s sister and brother focused more on their physical strength. His sister left home almost as soon as she was able to swing a sword, though she preferred two. She joined the army of a mercenary lord, (merc lord). She rose quickly in his ranks and was knighted for her skill and as rumor has it her ambition, a common trait shared with Jace. It would be several years later before Jace or his brother would hear from her again.

Mercenary Life
Shortly after Jace’s 20th birthday and when he felt there was nothing more to be learned from Palin, and against Palin’s wishes, Jace left his lessons to focus more on his studies. He talked his brother into going with him since they had grown close after their sister left. After traveling from town to town, studying in various libraries and magic shops, Jace and his brother found themselves in financial straits. For this reason, they joined a mercenary group themselves, Fenwick’s Lions.

One evening while camped beside the vast forest of (forest) with a large group of “the Lions”, Jace was pulled from his studies by a voice in the distance. Leaving his and his brother’s tent, Jace followed the voice to the edge of the forest. The haunting, disembodied voice was coming from deep within the forest and it was calling his name though it didn’t sound familiar. He entered the forest on a moonless night.

Knowing that his brother would be worried and waiting, Jace quickly left the cabin, making sure to hide the trap door so he can return later. Jace emerged from the forest four days after entering to discover that the other had left without him, everyone except his brother who was sleeping next to a dying fire. Jace sat near (brother) and waited for him to wake the next morning. When asked about where he went and why he was gone so long, Jace’s only response was “Fear not, my brother, I am back now.”

Relationship with his Brother
Jace’s brother has always had a deliberate way of considering ideas which has earned him the reputation as being dim witted, though not so because given time, he would come to a very wise and insightful conclusion. He could tell that something was different about Jace. The very air around him had a dark feel to it. Not perturbed by this at all for (brother) was faithfull to his brother, trusting him and eventually forgiving him of all blame or wrong doings. This also contributed to (brother) appearance of being naive.

Months after Jace emerged from the forest, the brothers set off to return home. They were dismayed to discover that their father had passed away and their mother was in poor health. This is when it was decided that (brother) would stay with (mother). Jace, mad at (mother) for keeping his father’s death from the brothers, left her and (brother).

Current Whereabouts
Jace left his mother and brother on uneasy terms. He knew his brother would forgive him, he always did.

Jace went back to The Lions to resume his work as a mercenary, the money was good and it afforded him the opportunity for free and safe travel since his brother is no longer at his side.

Jace Calmcacil

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