Colors of Ambition

Session 1 - Red Herrings, and a Quest for Green

15 Flamerule 1372(Dale Reckoning)

A three-man rookie squad of Lions arrives in Dolmere to honor a contract: locate two brothers; debtors to a local merchant. The squad falls in with a strange companion: an anthropomorphic weasel who longs to be a knight; driven by old tales of glory and honor.

The investigation leads to the brothers’ primary drinking hole, where a lead about a tall, dark haired woman and a clue from an inebriated gutter-rat leads to a strange set of tracks leading away from town. Along the road goes a wagon, drawn by two horses. Into the wilderness, towards an encampment of merchant wizards, leads a feminine set of footprints.

But what of the strange well at the center of town? Simply a red herring? Or an important link to the current job?



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