Colors of Ambition

Session 5 - More plot holes than a Jerry Bruckheimer movie

20th Flamerule, 1372

A new Lion arrives in Dolmere from the Lions Bureau in Arabel, bearing the party’s new orders. They are to remain in Dolmere to support the local militia, whose numbers have been dwindling lately due to unprecedented Drow activity in the hills outside town, in the vicinity of an abandoned silver mine.
Investigating the mine, the group encounters a shaken elf namedTharivol, who found himself captive of the Drow. One Drow is dead, and another held captive in the Dolmere stockade, and Tharivol relates a fantastic story:

The god of the elves, Corellon Larethain and Eilistraee, patron goddess of good-aligned Drow, have long battled with Lolth, despotic spider goddess of the dark elves. Lolth had been subdued, and her essence trapped inside the Qizz’k, a cloudy, dark purple stone the size of an orc’s head. Corellon shattered the Qizz’k, and scattered the shards across Faerûn. Tharivol had come into possession of one of these stones, and traveled here to investigate the Drow presence. He believes that the Drow are guarding a holy weapon, that might defeat the Spider Queen permanently.

The stone Tharivol carries is identical in appearance to the stone inside the talisman formerly belonging to the madman Dunsey.

The party returns to Dolmere to recover from battle, and further research the mine, discovering that someone, or something else has been digging in the region. Duergar, the subterranean gray dwarves, are known for thier peculiar mining techniques…



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