Colors of Ambition

Session 2 - "Minions, ARIIIIISE!"

16-17th Flamerule, 1372

Following the trail into the forest, the Lions stumble across a compound in a large clearing. The residence of a group of Red Wizards, the magocratic order of Thay, the Red Wizards live and produce minor magic scrolls and potions for sale.

Inquiring about the missing brothers Tamm and Elom, the party is quickly introduced to Kizzak, a short tempered, shaven-headed female mage and the Red Wizards’ leader, a woman named Hinnar. Kizzak is quickly shown to be concealing the truth, and and is killed by Ogg in a bid to escape… but not before summoning a pair of zombie cohorts to aid in her flight. This threat is easily dealt with.

Hinnar pleads ignorance to Kizzak’s motives or actions, but allows the party to search her private quarters. Finding a wig of long, dark hair and a vague letter promising payment on receipt of goods, signed “A.M.” The letter bears a waxen seal used only by the Red Wizards.

With no further leads to follow, the party eventually returns to Dolmere to rest and recuperate. However, Jace Calmcacil is once again drawn to the well in the square. Buried at the bottom, is a curious dagger: seemingly carved out of a single piece of onyx-like stone, in a delicate floral filigree. It proves painful to the touch, and Jace wraps it in a cloth and carries it out of the well. Perhaps the library in Dolmere holds some obscure clue to the artifact’s nature.

As to the unfulfilled contract to locate the Milner brothers, the wagon that the party followed out of town now has a three day lead, and only a flimsy connection to a kingdom thousands of leagues to the east.



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